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What is a Near Death Experience (NDE)? 

A common description is often defined as an unusual experience taking place on the brink of death and recounted by the person after recovery, typically as an out-of-body experience, visions of a tunnel of light or a sense of total serenity.

There are many testimonies of those who have had an NDE and have been to heaven and returned.  Those who have shared their experience have primarily been civilians.  But what about military who have had a near death experience in combat?  It's equally important for their stories to be told. 

By sharing the Combat Near Death Experience (CNDE) in Genny Krackau's forthcoming book, Beyond The Explosion, the author feels this book will open a huge window of understanding and healing for all who read it. It's important to know the CNDE is real and not a hallucination of the mind.  We need for those who have experienced this to share their stories with the world.  Our military have sacrificed their lives for us and have experienced the unimaginable while in combat.  Sharing their CNDE stories can be a healing for themselves and others who have experienced the same.


Genny Krackau, author of Beyond The Explosion, is a life resident of San Antonio, Texas.  She spent the majority of her Civil Service career working in the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and then retired from the U.S. Army Medical Command, at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

After her retirement, she worked several government contract jobs within the AMEDD.  Of special interest was a research study with wounded warriors for combat related injuries.  Additional research included military and civilian burn injuries; and supporting a clinical trial for head injury patients.

Her sincere dedication and compassion for the patient is well established by her numerous accomplishments and awards. She always put the patient first and foremost in any job she performed.  It's no surprise that by compiling these Combat Near Death Experience stories, she once again is serving the military in a very unique and special way.

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